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--Review forFETCH US SOME WATER (coming Nov 2)- "...Beverly Ann’s story makes for riveting reading and a powerful reminder of the ghosts—real and imagined—that continue to live among us. A gripping, subtle, and page-turning mystery." Kirkus Reviews

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Water Bearer -  In a small Southern community, inseparable lifelong friends prepare to take their own paths, but one last summer together changes their lives forever. These endearing characters and this moving story linger long beyond the final page.

"A beautiful story of love and forgiveness that touches the soul." - NY Times bestselling author, Stacey Joy Netzel.

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Chained Maiden

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Water Bearer

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Jan 2017

Nov 2, 2016

I have had an affinity for nature for as long as I can remember.  Trees and waterways were childhood playmates. I ran barefoot over the rolling hills of grassy pastures, climbed giant moss-strung oaks, grew heady on the perfume of magnolias, wove pine straw, walked beneath dripping wisteria arches, picked bouquets of blue hydrangeas, worked  rows of farmland, dove in crystal clear natural springs, fished a fast-running river, camped the shores of a choppy bay, swam with mermaids in emerald gulf waters and sank into the sands of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. How could I not believe in nature's magic?

March 2017

Sept 2, 2016

Why faeries?

Fetch Us Some Water

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"...descriptive style, original voice and tight Southern narrative." - Writer's Digest

Under the Bridge

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