Southern Skies Collection

"...descriptive style, original voice and tight Southern narrative." - Writer's Digest

Songs of the South


Under the Bridge - A harrowing hunt for a killer in a town where no one questions "the law."

Whispers of the Harp - Jealousy, temptation, and tangled family ties lead to murder.

Wendi Christner, Author

Water Bearer -  In a small Southern community, inseparable lifelong friends prepare to take their own paths, but one last summer together changes their lives forever. These endearing characters and this moving story linger long beyond the final page.

"A beautiful story of love and forgiveness that touches the soul." - NY Times bestselling author, Stacey Joy Netzel.

Melody Unchained - Colt dreamed of playing beneath the Nashville lights, platinum records on his wall, and the woman he loved beside him.

     Two of those dreams came true. The other left him standing at the altar.
     Now Melody's back.
     He still wants the dream. She hasn't forgotten the reasons she walked away the first time.
     Will their love be another heartbreaking country song? Or will they finally get it right this time?

Fetch Us Some Water - After years apart, a daughter returns to care for her dying mother, but the bridge to forgiveness may be too damaged to cross. Written in beautiful Southern narrative, this tumultuous, emotional journey fully captures the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love.

"...riveting reading and a powerful reminder of the ghosts--real and imagined--that continue to live among us. A gripping, subtle, and page-turning mystery." Kirkus Reviews